Tips to Burglar Proof the Doors in Your Home

Ensuring your home is as secure as possible is paramount to security, preventing theft and deterring burglars. There are simple, cost-effective ways you can burglar-proof the doors in your home to achieve peace of mind and certainty about protecting to your household and family.

Preventing Theft

Install a deadlock or deadbolt

A deadlock or deadbolt is a particular type of lock that needs a key to open and close it (as opposed to a spring lock) – they are difficult to open without the specific key manufactured for the lock. These locks make doors very difficult to break into, and are best used in entry doors to properties, or every exterior door for maximum protection. They are a great deterrent to would-be thieves. You can install a deadbolt easily yourself, or contact a locksmith for an upgrade.

Digital locks, or smart locks

A digital or smart lock requires a keypad entry, remote control, fingerprint or smartphone identification to access – removing the need for a traditional key to open and close the lock. Some smart locks can even detect unusual activity and send a signal wirelessly to the owner of the home, to alert them of the occurrence or attempted break-in.

Door chains

Door chains are a simple way to reinforce security of your door – they enable the door to remain locked while a person opens it a small distance. This provides protection against unwanted guests while you are home – they are manual and easy to enact during the day or overnight while you’re in the home.


Traditional peepholes, usually a fish-eye lens are a great way of peeking through your door, without opening it, to assess the situation or any person outdoors. Buyers can now opt for digital peepholes – a small screen installed on the inside of your door, allowing you to see any activity outside quickly and easily.

Strengthen your door. Choose the best materials for your security doors, to give you maximum protection. Metal doors, solid wood doors or steel doors are great choices, making it harder for any burglars to enter the home or break down the door.

Remove any windows. Windows on doors are a design feature, but they can be high risk to homeowners. Burglars can see inside easily – to determine an appropriate time to enter the home. Windows can also be easily smashed, in some cases allowing easy access to the lock and quick entry into your property. A solid door without a window offers better protection.

Whatever security measures you undertake to burglar-proof your door – remember one of the simplest pieces of advice – always keep your doors locked. If you are moving into a new home, replace the locks and get new keys for your family to maintain full security. Keep your doors well-maintained, and be sure to check all your exterior doors for weaknesses or areas of improvement. Do your research and buy locks that are built to security standard, not cheaper locks that are easy to pick or break into.

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