Outdoor Security Camera Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor security cameras are an optimum way to ensure protection for your household, family or business. Available as wired-in or wireless, outdoor security cameras are manufactured with a range of features and options for all budgets, providing surveillance and protection when and where you need it most.

Outdoor security cameras can be placed anywhere outside the property where you require surveillance. Common areas to monitor are driveways, entry doors (front, back and side), general walkways, large open spaces and yards. The outdoor camera feeds back to a central system within your property, where you can ensure up-to-date surveillance to suit your preferences.

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, many outdoor security camera owners can now view footage on their smartphones or tablets, within or away from a property – not just at one fixed location. A digital video recorder (DVR) generally records the footage, transmitting it over the internet to your device.

Which outdoor security camera is the best to buy?

There are a variety of outdoor security cameras to suit every need. Buyers should conduct thorough research and choose carefully, to ensure they receive the maximum protection they require with the right type of system.

Day or night cameras – will your camera be required to record footage during the day, at night, or 24 hours simultaneously? Outdoor security cameras are manufactured with a range of environmental features, including night vision, so be sure to buy for your needs – high night vision, for example may be an important factor for you.

Wide angle or dome cameras – you can choose a wide-angle security camera for maximum framing of your outdoor area. This is a great choice of camera to ensure maximum surveillance of your chosen space. Dome cameras are very common and quite discreet, generally blending into the property surroundings. These cameras come with vari-focal or fixed lenses and are easy to protect.

Pan/tilt cameras – pan or tilt cameras are often able to detect and follow movement, as opposed to offering simply a static feed of activity. This type of camera offers the buyer the ability to monitor a specific area efficiently and follow any suspicious behaviour, often giving greater warning than what a static camera can offer.

Buyers will also need to consider the outdoor environment. Will the camera be subject to harsh weather or required to sustain fluctuating temperatures? You may decide on a waterproof or weather-proof cameras to best suit your property location.

Lower cost outdoor security cameras may have less features – for example, no zoom capabilities, low resolution, and no sound recording. Higher cost cameras can offer better wi-fi transmission, higher resolution visuals and audio, and specific tracking. The budget options depends on your security preferences.

These are just some options afforded to buyers looking to maximise property protection and purchase an outdoor security camera, or an entire system to increase surveillance. As with any purchase – consider your needs, do your research and make your purchase with full confidence. Then relax, and let your outdoor cameras do the monitoring!

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