Top Reasons and Methods for Securing Your Garage

The garage in your home could be the most susceptible point in your home security since it remains isolated, yet attached to the main building. The service door, windows or the overhead door can be used to break into your home. A quick look at the risk factors will tell you about the importance of garage security.

Top Risk Factors in Home Garage

  • Service Door: – Non gated service door opening at the backside of the garden generally remains out of your sight. This can make it easy for the intruders to break into your home very easily. Lack of self closing doors can also lead to risks.
  • Overhead Door: – The garage overhead door can open directly into the terrace or the rooftop of your home. The intruders can also use this weak link to break in through the internal access points.
  • Garage Window: – Garage windows coming into contact attic, balcony, rooftop and other internal connecting points are potential risk points.
  • Other Points: – The garage skylight/roof window, ventilator and even the roof gaps can become vulnerable points through which the intruders can break into your home.

Home Garage Security Measures

  • Self Closing Systems: – Automated self closing doors, windows and ventilators can act as security barriers. Secure internal latching needs to be inaccessible to the external elements. Deadlocks controlled by remote can be helpful. Connecting the deadlocks to the surveillance system can connect to the real time alarm.
  • Hidden Sensor Systems: – Hidden sensor systems with remote controlled mechanical locks can increase the internal security systems. They can’t be disabled by disconnecting power supplies, using jammers or any other electronic/mechanical tools. The only accessible connectivity will be with the app in your smart phone. Trying to force open the access points can immediately ring the alarm bells and attract the attention of security personnel.

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